email marketing

What’s REALLY working with email marketing for real estate agents

Email marketing is sort of like Rodney Dangerfield – it gets no respect.

Most of the questions I see real estate agents asking revolve around social media, and in particular, Facebook.

Yet email marketing has been proven to convert at 40 times the rate of social media (McKinsey, 2014).

Like everything, there’s a right way – and a wrong way – to approach email marketing.

Here are some of the wrong ways;

  • Adding people to your email list who didn’t explicitly request to be contacted.
  • Sending emails about your latest listing or open house – unless that’s what the subscriber asked for.
  • Not including a call-to-action that moves the subscriber further through your lead generation funnel.
  • Sending emails without testing the headlines.

And here are some of the more effective ways of using email marketing;

  • Using Facebook to promote offers of valuable content that encourage email registrations
  • Using email automation to send relevant follow-up emails that build your credibility and maintain top-of-mind awareness
  • Linking from your emails to blog posts to increase website traffic
  • Creating custom audiences in Facebook by uploading your email list or using the Facebook pixel to track website visitors.

In the video below, I outline some of the best practices for using email email marketing to generate consistent, well-qualified leads for your real estate business.

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